5 Ways Tech Is Improving Our Productivity at Work

Gone are those days when office meant the brick and mortar place, we are moving towards the virtual platforms where employees are not required to be assembled in the same office to the efficient conduct of the business. This also helps workers to have a certain level of flexibility. Today employees can work from anywhere provided they can connect to the network and have access to a fast computer. We are heading towards futuristic workplace where the employees will meet only on the virtual platforms.

Advanced means of communication

More and more organizations are going in for effective communication software where the employees can do high-quality video calling and can conduct video conferencing across borders. This has helped firms reduce the cost of traveling to a great extent.  This also helps in real-time decision making even if the offices are spread across locations.

Chatbots replacing the voice response system

Better ways of handling customers by way of intelligent chatbots have a paved way a new way of consumer grievance handling. They are designed to handle all the queries of the consumer efficiently and are not an extension of the Interactive Voice Response System.

Improved Morale

Flexibility is working from home or any other preferred location has improved the morale of the employees as research says the firms offering such benefits have happier employees.

Better management tools

Technology has provided access to better tools for tracking the time and project management.  There are fixed milestones in project management that are integrated with the time tracking software. This helps in automated project and time management. The best manscaping kit is also an innovative technology that has helped in men’s grooming.

Services of Freelancers

Firms facing a shortage of resources can bank upon third parties to get the required workforce by hiring them from the consultants. This way they can the cost involved in recruiting additional staff.