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Wearable technology is highly in fashion and the technology devices can now be worn on the arms, wrists and also on your face. So what is this wearable technology all about?

Choosing a beautiful smart watch for ladies is also a wearable technology purchase.

The wearable technology implies the gadgets that you wear but a headphone or a digital watch does not fit into this category. The wearable technology devices are those that come with sensors and use Bluetooth to connect to the smartphone without any wire. These let you stay fit to and achieve your weight loss goals.

How to wear them?

The wearable technology is worn on the wrist but their are others too that can be worn on the neck or on the face. These are basically like you wear any piece of jewelry.

Wearable technology

There are many devices that you can choose from.

  • Smartwatches – These are worn on your wrist and get connected to the smartphone. It takes care if your digital life. It lets you know when you receive an email or alike on a social media page.
  • Fitness tracker – These come in many forms and in varies sophistication. There are fitness wearables that will count the number of steps that you walk in a day to the number of calories that you have lost.

  • Sports watches-These are worn by athletes to measure their speed and other parameters of sports.

  • Head mounted displays- This is an interesting technology which you wear over your head and block the world. You are transported to a new world and are made to believe that you are somewhere else.

Smart glassesorGoogle glasses are another category of wearable technology.


This industry is set to get more innovative and creative as days go by. In fact, there are also talks about smart dresses. Keep the world at your fingertips with the wearable technology.…