Category: Health & Wellness

In order to stay healthy, we started to focus on the physical activities or the workouts to burn the excess calories and also excess fat that has been stored in our body.  It is always essential to remove the excess fat stored in the body since it may lead to many disorders like obesity, diabetes, increased blood pressure and others.

Though we are busy in doing the physical activities like running, jogging, cycling etc., it is necessary to know the calories that have been burnt while doing the exercises to ascertain the amount to be spent in due course of time.

The physical exercises are good for our health and it is necessary for everyone to concentrate on the workouts in order to stay strong and healthy.

How we can identify that we have done a proper level of exercises or any other physical activity?  How we can track whether the physical activities are done on the right track? And also how to choose a workout plan that suits you better?  These are the questions arising in our mind when we think about the workouts?

In order to track the intensity of your workouts, it may be little tougher to have a specific equipment to measure but you can identify using basic techniques as follows;

  • The Heartbeat rate: You can track the intensity of your workout based on the heartbeat rate.  Those who are good in doing exercises on a daily basis able to cope up with the changes and you can see a little rise in the heartbeat than the normal whereas in case of individual who does it suddenly may face increased heartbeat rate.
  • Talking test: Talking test helps the individual to keno how long an individual can talk without breaking the sentences and also with people who talk only with a break in each sentence.
  • Exertion technique: The way of doing or performing an exercise will help you to analyze or track your intensity.  Some people may feel easier to perform certain task whereas some may feel uncomfortable in performing those tasks.