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Have you ever felt like you live around wires and connections and you are constantly being looked over by some force?  Yes! I have felt this many a time since I started using the android phone, there is some force which keeps me glued to it for a long time.

But I can judge that many of us would be sailing in this ship of techno appealed lifestyle.

Though there have been many benefits with these, there have been some very shocking security issues connected with these and that can be causing a havoc in our lives financially and mentally. These are technically called as Scams which can be in the form of emails, messages or even phone calls stating them to be from trusted sources but they are actually not.

There are few quick tips for us to be aware of such scams and prevent from becoming victims of these and also help to fix windows 10 problem the easy way. They are :

  1. Learn to spot the dangerous emails:

When you receive emails stating you to register for certain procedures wherein you have to give your personal data and log in details of your bank or mail identities and or even request your credit card details, it’s the perfect time to just avoid these emails right away and contact your service provider immediately and notify them and check about the safety of your accounts related to these.

  1. Hang up the phone:

Sometimes you may receive calls that state that they are from the service providers you use in terms of any financial aid that you have been using and that there would be a service charge for some new service they are about to offer, and you need to provide your bank details for the same. Beware at such times and contact your customer care right away and verify if this is a valid one and then proceed.

  1. Ignore pop-ups:

sometimes when Malware affects your system it pushes many pop-ups saying there is some technical error and you need to call to some number of remedies, kindly ignore such messages completely.

  1. Ensure password safety:

Keep passwords for all your official accounts and keep it unique so that hacking and scamming is not possible without your knowledge.


It is important that you learn everything about drones before you part with your money. There are several types of drones in an equally varying range of prices. Hence, you can purchase a drone for $15 or one for $2000 depending on what purpose and what features you choose in the gadget.

Individuals often make the mistake of purchasing a gadget based on their other’s recommendations; remember your abilities are different from others and hence you must choose a model that suits your temperament and skills and your specific needs. The best way to go about is to read reviews of the products you wish to purchase. You can start right here because great drone reviews here have helped several enthusiasts to pursue their passion satisfactorily.

This unmanned aerial technology has come a long way since its inception. The present-day models are immensely sophisticated and built to last longer and with an ability to reach greater heights. The present drones can even use solar power to fuel themselves to maintain longer flights.

Though initially they were used only for military intelligence gathering now they have varied uses and are successfully used in agriculture, photography and even in dropping food packets in disaster-struck regions.

Drones are made of lightweight material to enable them to fly effortlessly and smoothly without being weighed down by unnecessary weight. Higher grade drones are made of composite material as it is lightweight and can cruise even at high altitudes.

The complexity of the drone control system must be understood before you purchase a drone for any specific purpose because this feature is what will determine what the drone is capable of doing. Hence, it is important to educate yourself about drones before you purchase them.

Here, we bring you the latest drone technology in detailed articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos. Each article deals with various aspects of this technology and it is explained in clear unambiguous terms that everyone can understand.