Fashion-Tech: The Wearable Solar Technology

Researchers are on to bring lightweight waterproof solar cells embedded in dresses.

The wearable solar technology comes in the form of a small solar cell attached to any part in the attire.

It performs a wide range of functions like charging gadgets like mobile phones, adjusting the temperature of the dress etc.

Soon wait for Gucci handbags replica high quality added with a solar panel to recharge your iPod.

On a warm sunny day, you set to go out in a simple jacket. Imagine that suddenly the weather changes to cold storm or snowfall.  You forgot to bring your extra layer of warm clothing. Solar wear comes to your rescue in such an unexpected emergency situation.  It tracks outside temperature, adjusts and starts creating warmth.  How blissful it would be to escape from harsh weather?

This simple solar jacket replaces heavy winter clothing.  Hence it saves baggage space.  No wonder it is a boon for travelers to cold countries.

Using this technology, it is possible to make dresses with inbuilt webcam, music system etc charged by the solar cell.

Solar technology is used not only in dresses but in sunglasses, shoes and other accessories.

It is useful for people living in hot areas like Arizona.

It is safe to use as it comes UV tracking facility.

Research is underway to develop this technology so that solar energy during the day is tapped and stored in cells, could be used to make the dress glow in the night.  This will ensure safety during night drives.  This will also serve as an attractive partywear.

While moving around places during travel or during shopping, practically it becomes impossible to charge your gadgets since you will not be staying in a particular place for the longer duration.  Solar wearables will come to rescue during such occasions.  Hence staying in touch constantly using smartphones or the uninterrupted joy of music while on travel is no longer a dream.