Is Your Computer Secretly Mining Bitcoin Alternatives? The Best Guide to ‘cryptojacking’

Now many times we often make dumb and irresponsible decisions on the internet, such as downloading software we probably shouldn’t and end up getting nasty viruses and other sorts of nasty things on our computer, as a result we often get things like spyware, adware and others on our computers and often have to deal with the consequences of our stupidity, in order to detect and rid our computers of these sorts of malwares, we must understand how they function and how they work before getting them off of our computers.


Crypto-jacking is a sort of malware where a virus is installed on a computer which forces it to use its resources to mine cryptocurrencies instead of actual productive uses, as cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed in value over the past years the usage of such malware types have gone up significantly as the profit of such endeavors has also correspondingly skyrocketed, this is not a type of virus that empties out your bank account to buy altcoins but rather it’s honestly quite benign compared to many other types of malware, given this, many people often have zero clue or no idea that their computers have such viruses on them and for years even have these viruses installed on their computers and never rid them of it.

How to clean your computer of this malware?

This is simple, download a virus-cleaner or anti-malware software from reputable websites like Malware bytes or Norton and have the virus scanner embedded within the software to scout out and find the viruses stored on the computer drive. If done correctly, the virus should be wiped from the computer without too much doubt and your computer should be safe to use again.