Technology and Kids: How to Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

Technology has so many beautiful things to offer. And with the right use of technology, there is so much you could teach your kids through interactive games and videos. But too much screen time is not good for the kids. Limiting the screen time can reduce the stress in kids and can keep them active and happy.

Awareness is the first step

Most children understand if you just sit and explain to them why you are doing it. Rather than imposing strict rules about TV and gadgets, introduce the healthy use of electronic gadgets. Set timers and make sure that you follow similar rules for yourself too. With a parent using gadgets all day long if the child alone has to follow a different set of rules, it might send out misleading signals. If you are someone who works from home and require a lot of time in front of the computer, the situation is different. So, simply start with creating an awareness in the child about the harms of using gadgets for a long duration.

Encourage outdoor activities

By encouraging it also means that the parent should get involved in them. A lit bit of sun is good for those tired parent nerves as well. Enroll the child in a coaching course of his favorite sport or simply get out and have some physical play.

Toys that can promote learning

There are plenty of educative toys available in the market. For the best reviews and the ideas about the toys to buy visit

There are plenty of toys that can tickle the brains of the little ones. If the toy is entertaining and engaging and pertaining to the child’s interest and is able to spark the child’s curiosity then the child would be very much interested in the toy than in watching TV.